I'll do it under one condition: not so much as a stitch of polyester walks through that door
Sophia in IRL
Sophia Preston
Biographical information
Date of birth 1991 (age 24)
Status Alive
Occupation IRL owner
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye Color Brown
Romantic interests
Show information
Portrayed by Kiersey Clemons
First appearance K3U
Sophia Preston is the best friend and roommate of Lindy Sampson, and the best friend of Connor North dumb ass.

Early lifeEdit

Sophia attended boarding school with her friend Tessa.

Two years ago, Sophia rescued Lindy from perpetual couch surfing when she first moved to New York by inviting her to crash in her loft-style apartment—and Lindy never left.


Sophia owns a popular downtown nightclub called IRL.


Sophia is hip, sophisticated, vibrant, fun-loving and free-spirited, and she wants Lindy to shed the gloomy cloud that's been hanging over her since the breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Ben.

Physical appearanceEdit


Connor NorthEdit

Connor is Sophia's best friend, and he gets jealous when she brings Lindy to hang out with them.

Lindy SampsonEdit

Lindy is the roommate and best friend of Sophia, who gave Lindy a place to stay upon first moving to New York, and Lindy never left. After Lindy's ankle bracelet was removed, and after learning Lindy saw Ben, Sophia signed Lindy up for Flirtual in an attempt to find her someone other than Ben so she wouldn't keep going back to her ex-boyfriend and could think about someone else instead.

The fact that the Hunter is obsessed with Lindy terrifies Sophia, thus she's protective; she feels guilty for signing Lindy up on Flirtual, as if it's her fault Lindy has a stalker.

Marco YeagerEdit

Tessa Edit

Sophia and Tessa went to boarding school together. They shared a mutual crush—Felipe from Montreal—who later died from meningitis, and Sophia's new crush, Marco Yeager, reminds Tessa of Felipe. Tessa is staying in Sophia and Lindy's apartment whilst she visits with Sophia, and is taking the visit day-by-day rather than planning ahead.





  • Sophia's mother left her father every few years, but she went back to him because of the money.[1]


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