Season 1
Eye Candy main cast
No. Episodes 10 (List of episodes)
Air Date 12 January, 2015
Premiere K3U
Finale A4U
Slogan Come and get me.
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N/A Cancelled
Season 1 of Eye Candy premiered on MTV on Monday, 12th January, 2015. It airs Mondays at 10/9pm CST.


Eye Candy centers on tech genius Lindy, a 21-year-old woman who is persuaded by her roommate, Sophia (Kiersey Clemons), to begin online dating. Unfortunately, she begins to suspect that one of her suitors might be a deadly cyber stalker. She teams up with her friends, a band of hackers, to solve the murders he committed while unleashing her own style of justice on the streets of New York City in an attempt to find her sister, Sara (Jordyn DiNatale), who has gone missing.


Picture Title Number Season Number Original Airdate U.S. viewers
Episode k3u 23 K3U 1 1 12 January, 2015 0.59[1]
Newly-paroled Lindy celebrates her newfound freedom with her best friends, who also happen to be a group of Internet hackers just like her. Lindy is set up with an account on an app called Flirtual, with the pseudonym "Eye Candy", when her friends want her to embrace the start of her new life with someone special. Lindy later realizes somebody is following her and discovers a stalker has taken an interest in her online profile. Lindy tries to use her hacking skills to her advantage, but this anonymous person proves stronger and more twisted than she expected. This stalker is believed to be a serial killer. Lindy and her friends decide to band together to stop the serial killer from striking again, while also searching for Lindy's missing sister, Sara, on the streets of New York City.
Episode brb Sophia Lindy BRB 2 2 19 January, 2015 0.63[2]
Reeling from a tragic murder, Lindy is determined to find the killer by going on dates with two suspects. However, as she begins to let new people into her life, she puts herself and her friends on a dangerous killer's radar.
Episode hbtu lindy connor HBTU 3 3 26 January, 2015 0.52[3]
After a fresh abduction, Lindy's obsession with finding the killer grows. Her worlds collide when Sophia throws a party while Jake starts to develop a crush on Lindy, though he's emerged as the lead suspect in the case.
Episode yolo kids party bus YOLO 4 4 2 February, 2015 0.60[4]
Lindy investigates the disappearance of five teens using her gift of deciphering clues hidden in social media. Lindy and Tommy are led to an unexpected place, as well as to her new relationship with the Cyber Crimes Unit.
Episode 1x05 IRL IRL 5 5 9 February, 2015 0.62[5]
The NYPD and Lindy must put an end to the killer while a party in Sophia's club may blow up, costing them the lives of innocent people.
Episode 1x06 ICU Lindy ICU 6 6 16 February, 2015 0.71[6]
Lindy helps Tommy to stop a hacker that's messing with a hospital—off the books—but to do so, she needs to become a patient.
Episode SOS 01x07 Lindy Michael Doll SOS 7 7 23 February, 2015 0.60[7]
A couple is attacked in an apartment they rented online; Jake asks Lindy to help him.
Episode ama Lindy-Tommy AMA 8 8 2 March, 2015 0.58[8]
Lindy is drawn into the past by a message from the killer; she also unearths shocking revelations about her case.
Episode FYEO 01x09 Lindy Jake FYEO 9 9 9 March, 2015 1.1[9]
While Jake and Lindy are on their way to find out what happened to her sister, Tommy and Connor are on their way to discover The Flirtual Killer.
Eye Candy 1x10 A4U Lindy Jake knife A4U 10 10 16 March, 2015 TBD


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Production and developmentEdit

Production began on September 15, 2014,[10] and ended on December 20, 2014,[11] in Brooklyn, New York City.

Christian Taylor explained during the interview that he had a specific structure for how the 10-episode season would play out: The first three episodes center around the main serial killer, setting up their story and pointing Lindy in a singular direction. Episodes 4-7 act more as standalone cases, resembling more to a CSI story of the week episode; the final three episodes revert back to the original serial killer focus.[12]


  • Every episode has an abbreviation as its title.


  • Ben will be returning in a flashback episode that's supposed to give more information about Ben and Lindy's relationship, as well as how Tommy is tied in.[12]
  • Really creepy locations will be appearing in the last two episodes.[12]
  • George is not the killer.[12]
  • The Hunter will be revealed by the finale.[13]
  • Lindy's dad has a significance in the series, though he may not be as significant in the first season.[14]
  • The Hunter may have an oversensitivity to being lied to due to being lied to too much in the past, and it may now be showing up in his victims.[14]
  • The Hunter may or may not have been on screen yet.[15][16]
  • Sara is alive.[17]


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