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Flirtual is the dating app Sophia set Lindy up on under the pseudonym "Eye Candy", as well as where Lindy meets three suitors and finds herself being stalked by whom she believes to be a serial killer.

About the appEdit

Users have the ability to "Flirt" with suitors they like or "Forget" users they dislike.

Notable usersEdit

Other usersEdit

Users are listed in order of appearance.

Photo Username Name About
200px Y_NOT N/A He was born and raised in Queens, and is drinking a beer upstairs as Connor browses Lindy's Flirtual suitors. He is skipped because, according to Connor, he had "The Only Best Picture Ever Taken" Syndrome.
150px SIRWOOFS N/A He is a canine lover who is looking for another canine lover. Lindy comments about his default photo being of a dog, and Connor explains that SIRWOOFS would never love her more than he loves the pooch, then "forgets" him.
150px UNKNOWN N/A Everything about him in unknown; Connor states that he's clearly hiding something, and Sophia calls him a serial killer and says to "Forget" him.
150px NEUROTYPICAL Peter He was a PEDS doctor and one of the three Flirtual suitors Lindy met, as well as a victim of the Hunter.
Flirtual user completepackage COMPLETEPACKAGE He has "cool glasses", according to Lindy. According to his profile, he is an artist, ukelele pro, and a Bedford—Stuyvesant, Brooklyn resident.


  • Connor refers to Flirtual as a "loaded weapon", as well as a "slot machine".