This page is the rules/Code of Conduct for Eye Candy Wiki. Every user is expected to follow all the rules. Please take your time to read our guides so we can keep a steady structure and organized environment around the place.

Behavioral Policy

It goes without saying that all users should follow along with Wikia's Terms of Use. This is nothing I, or any other admin, can change.

Posting Policy

Do not post in the forums messages that would be better off as letters to the actual production team of MTV's Eye Candy, because chances of them finding those letters in your forum posts on this Wiki are too slim, and we are fans -- not the crew of Eye Candy. Instead, carry [healthy] discussions with each other.

Editing Policy

For a full-length guide on editing this Wiki, view the Eye Candy Wiki Guidelines.

  • Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Do not create pages irrelevant to this Wiki's topic, as a means of discussion, or just to create a page. If you want to create a page, make sure it follows the proper layout structure and is a page from the Wanted list.
  • Pictures should have a proper name. Read the Picture-Naming Guide.


Consequences will be provided as necessary. Let's keep the Wiki a nice place for others to connect on so we can all have a source of information from a series we enjoy.